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Save money to save the world

Do you still have a deposit account and are annoyed about negative interest rates? Now you can simply invest your money better: In the future of the Internet and the associated blockchain technology. All this with the good conscience of acting ecologically and responsibly - without Bitcoin investment - and at the same time doing something for a good cause. Learn more

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Why sustainliquid?

sustainliquid is an investment instrument allowing investors to comfortably invest in near carbon-neutral blockchains with less risk compared to a direct investment in cryptocurrencies. sustainliquid enables effective savings in a time of negative interest rates. Liquidity is provided daily through an exchange, and the investment is protected from volatility to the best possible extent.

We take sustainability seriously.

sustainliquid's investment strategy pursues sustainability in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is in line with Article 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). sustainliquid exclusively includes sustainable proof-of-stake blockchains or blockchains transitioning towards this goal. Investments in proof-of-work Blockchains, such as Bitcoin, are excluded from the portfolio of investments.

We minimize the risk.

Risk is decisively mitigated by diversifying the blockchain projects in the portfolio. sustainliquid only includes proof-of-stake blockchains that offer both, substantial growth prospects and sustainability features in its construction.

sustainliquid's goal is for all the product's underlying operations to be powered by renewable energy by 2025.

This is how sustainliquid works:

Invested capital is converted into tokens of a proof-of-stake blockchain and deposited in a smart contract. A smart contract is a virtual contract between two partners. With regard to sustainliquid, this virtual contract grants the user the right to participate in the maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure against fees and inflation rewards. The tokens remain locked up (“staked”) for the investment duration.

We show social commitment.

Transaction fees and inflation premiums are credited in return for the work provided to the network infrastructure. sustainliquid accrues these staking rewards in order to generate profits for investors. Up to 30% of the staking rewards are paid out to the social organization, Givewell ↗.

Hedging strategies and instruments from decentralized financial systems protect investments from the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market while generating returns from staking.

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Katharina Gehra, blockchain expert and founder of Immutable Insight, reveals why blockchain technology will enable a new ecosystem with zero CO2 emissions.

Brief overview:

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Type of security

Börsengehandeltes Wertpapier (ETI)



Tied Agent

Immutable Insight Distribution GmbH


Börse Stuttgart (Open Market)

Management fee

0% p.a.

Performance fee

50% p.a.*



Minimum denomination

EUR 1.000


iMaps ETI AG

Asset manager

PP-Asset Management GmbH

Paying Agent

Baader Bank AG

*pro rata to the monthly NAV

For further details please visit the website of the issuer ↗ issuer or the Stuttgart Stock Exchange ↗

Invest in the future now:

  • A sustainable investment strategy focusing on the near-climate-neutral proof-of-stake blockchain space
  • Riskminimization through hedging strategies and a diversified portfolio of proof-of-stake blockchains
  • Positive investment returns in times of negative interest rates, liquid daily on the trading exchange, and protected from volatility to the best possible extent.

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